I didn’t really value hypnobirthing courses until after my baby arrived


Sometimes in life you don’t know what you will  need to know, or how you need to prepare for what’s coming! It’s especially true of parenthood. With my first baby I definitely thought the material prep was going to be more important than the emotional prep. It’s what I’d been told, and I was regularly reminded that the birth was pretty much a free for all with little I could do to change that.

At 5 weeks pregnant I bought baby’s first romper, by 16 weeks we had the pram on order after visiting the baby show, and I started creating lists of all the ‘must haves’ I thought we would need soon after that.

I knew I needed to prepare in some way for my birth, but if I’m honest I was reluctant to open my purse and pay for it! I was so scared that hypnobirthing was just a con and waste of money – in 2014 it wasn’t so well known, nobody I knew could vouch for it, and I was struggling to find a class I could easily attend around work so I’d all but given up on it until one day scrolling on a mummy forum I saw Suzy Ashworth asking for women to test her new online hypnobirthing course, it was new and imperfect, but it was free!

The universe was looking out for me and handed me it on a plate.

And you know what? It was EXACTLY what I needed. To fully understand for the first time how labour works. How it’s helped and how it’s hindered. How important choosing the right birthplace for ME was. To know that I could say ‘yes please’ or ‘no thanks’ to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING offered during my pregnancy and labour, and so much more.

I felt excited. I felt empowered. I felt calm and I felt confident. 

If I could go back in time now I’d give myself a shake tell myself that YES the pram will be an amazing investment (it’s still going strong 4 years later! 💪🏻) but I’d also be telling myself that investing in good antenatal prep is worth soooo much more. (I’d also be saying go see Lizzie for a good sling not make do with the £20 jobbie that never worked well because yet again I was uneducated and unsupported so afraid to splash out 🤦🏼‍♀️) 

If this is your first baby and you still don’t know – YES it’s so worth finding someone you connect with to inform and empower you.

If this isn’t your first maybe you now know what you want/need to know? Whatever your experience was, it’s always educational! If it was less than optimal – know that doesn’t mean that’s all that is available to you again now.

You have SO much power over so many aspects of your pregnancy. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but good antenatal prep stacks the odds in your favour of achieving the birth you desire. 

The next group hypnobirthing course starts THIS THURSDAY and there’s a space for you if you want it. AND if you book by midnight there’s £30 off (in case you missed the memo, I’m 30 today and feeling all gushy about sharing the love!) so if you’re still on the fence about if it’s worthwhile, trust me. Take the plunge – you won’t regret it! More details can be found here, or click the link above to book your spot now.

You can also get in touch if a private course is more your thing. I’m booked up until July so get in touch if you’re after 1:1 support. 

(I also know there’s so much to spend on getting ready for baby – so if you’d like to pay in instalments to ease the load, just get in touch)

Steph x

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