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let us prepare you, your partner and your baby for the best possible birth for you - informed, empowered, confident

Huge congratulations on your pregnancy! Late 2012 I was in your shoes (if your shoes are hideously practical flats because heels just aren’t worth it any more). Pregnant, and freaking out because no one, literally NO ONE I knew, had anything positive to say about giving birth. Except that at the end of it I would have a lovely bundle of cute, and it (the pain, the loss of control, the undignified nudity and terrifying vulnerability) would all be forgotten. Great.

So I prayed to a God that I don’t believe in, and googled furiously until “Hypnobirthing” popped up, and I was intrigued. Not totally convinced, but it held more appeal than an epidural. It was worth a go.

You can read the full story of my experience here Welcoming Louis (Eggle, Loubags, Bagsy, Louis Pig, Piglet) and the tale of number 2’s arrival here Welcoming Rory, 8lb 11oz but it’s safe to say that it put me firmly back in control, and there was no going back- I was, and still am, hooked.

I cannot comprehend how anyone gives birth without it. My mission is to minimise this occurrence, and to empower as many women (and their usually sceptical partners) as I can reach.

despite what you've heard about hypnobirthing...

WE WILL NOT promise you a pain free, euphoric, orgasmic, cinematic, yet entirely silent birth. We won’t tell you to rule out any other resources (euphemism alert: I’m talking DRUGS). We will leave you feeling like you probably won’t need them. Most of our clients don’t. But whatever you do is up to you. Birth can be unpredictable, and a healthy dose of good luck is part of the cocktail of anyone’s dream birth.

WE WILL provide you with the tools and support to birth like the woman you are.

To make choices you are happy with. To be treated like the boss, rather than a bewildered, vulnerable wreck needing to be rescued. To understand how your body works, how your mind gets in on the act, and how YOU CAN create the optimal conditions for a comfortable, efficient labour. To make it a team effort (don’t laugh, seriously). To stack the odds in your favour.

We’ll invite you to join an online community of local super mamas, and monthly meets to stay connected and continue to support you into motherhood- #ittakesavillage after all.

SO. It all sounds very desirable (hopefully or else I've not done my job very well).

But what does it actually involve? What do you get for your precious time and hard earned money?

Here’s hypnobirthing in a nutshell (or rather, here’s hypnobirthing with us…)


-How our attitudes towards birth have evolved through history

-How the body works in labour- physically, and more importantly, hormonally

-How your state of mind impacts on the process

-The optimal environment for a comfortable birth

-How to make choices about intervention that you can be satisfied with

-How to prepare your mind, your body, and your baby


-3 simple, effective breathing techniques to support a calm and comfortable labour

-spine-tinglingly good massage technique for your partner to apply to increase endorphins (your home brewed pain relief)

-relaxation techniques to quickly access (with practice) this optimal state for labour

-fear release technique to allow your existing concerns to be overcome

-birth plan support- what choices you have, what to consider, how to communicate it


-You’ll see some lovely births. Gorgeous ones. Some quiet, some loud. Some home, some hospital. In and out of water. Normal couples, like you, applying what they’ve learnt and rocking an empowered experience.

-We’ll tell you some stories from our own alumni too- not all go to plan, but they share a common assertion that hypnobirthing saw them through.

And some more…

Since training to teach in 2013, I have been gobbling up information, evidence based research, experiences and ideas about labour and birth, and the course is getting fuller and fuller as I can’t resist looking to share with you a bit of everything I know. More recently, as Chloe has joined me, the course benefits from her midwifery knowledge and experience too.

I’ve also got an excellent network of local providers on speed dial, all of them hugely invested in supporting growing families. If I can’t help you with something, I know someone amazing who can. These heroes run little sessions for us when demand is there, or pop along to cake clubs to share their wisdom to support you.

We are growing our network in Upminster- if you run a great service or offer fantastic treatments that would benefit the families we work with, get in touch with Chloe (chloe@doitlikeamother.co.uk).

We want you to have it all-access to as much information and support as you could wish for. We want you to look back and know this is the best choice you made. #goals

Sound like a plan?

Have a look around the site to learn more about how we can support you, and to read experiences generously shared by some of the families we’ve worked with. Any Qs, just ask. (email keri@doitlikeamother.co.uk for Southend queries, or chloe@doitlikeamother.co.uk for Upminster queries)

To check out dates and book your space, head over to the Courses page.

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  • THANK YOU. Just incredible. Your generosity for our gift appeal for @sos_btc @do.it.like.a.mother_hq has blown me away. ❤️
Mothering together makes everything a bit better, and I am so moved by the efforts made.
With special thanks to @bookaliciousuk and @other.kids for extremely kind donations from their businesses. But truly, to each and every person who contributed anything at all, you have made SUCH a difference to families living amongst us. .
📷 @photography_by_petra and her infinite patience ✨
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13 affirmations for an empowered birth
You might think it’s a load of crap- repeating statements you’d like to believe. Truth is- our thinking is largely automatic, habitual, programmed. We may not even be aware of our conditioned responses, and in birth, these expectations may sabotage our experience. Beliefs like- it’s soooo painful, traumatic, undignified, unmanageable, terrifying, and so on...
Affirmations support you to shift your perspective, actually carving out new neural pathways in your brain with repetition, and enhanced by an emotional connection to the idea.
Our feelings about birth aren’t necessarily dependent on what happens, more how we engage within the experience, and how we frame it. .
Ask yourself- what would I need to believe in order to feel great about birth?
Here are 13 suggestions for you...
My surges (contractions) cannot be stronger than me because they are me.
I’m actually DOING it (like a mother). .
Each surge of my body brings my baby closer to me.
I free myself from the expectations of others and prioritise my own wellbeing.
My birth partner is by my side, and on my side.
My birth partner is a limitless source of oxytocin- totally convenient.
I am growing in confidence every day- it feels fantastic.
My baby’s arrival will be at the right time for us.
I am growing a human- getting it out has to be the easier bit. .
I am fully supported.
All the strength I need is within me.
I love my baby and my baby loves me.
I’m already a mother, and I act with courage from that place.
  • Now look, full disclosure, I’m atheist AF. But I still thought I’d enjoy a couple of nativities this morning. See my stories to learn how that didn’t quite come together👀🤦🏻‍♀️
It prompted me to think about how crucial it is for us to share these moments- where our hopes and expectations for how a situation will play out are met with a totally different reality.
Your feed might be flooded with beaming shepherds and shining stars, and if your experience was less fulfilling, it’s easy to feel hard done by and to enhance your disappointment through comparison.
I want you to know, everyone is having a mixed bag this Xmas period. For all the grotto snaps and skating shots there are plenty of mediocre, even miserable moments in family life for everyone. .
Look for the humour, be grateful when it’s good, surrender when it’s not quite how you hoped. Just think- Mary had to give birth in a stable- things could be worse 🤣🤪🐄🐑
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  • Day 12 ❤️👇🏻 For the first 12 weeks of your baby’s life it is normal for them to behave (or to want to be treated) as though they are still in the womb. 
Human babies are born far less developed and capable than any other mammal, due to their need to be born at a time in which their proportionally large heads are still able to fit through our biped pelvises. 
Because of this it is beneficial for us to replicate the womb environment closely, as they physically and emotionally develop ready to ‘wake up’ around the 3 month mark. This period is also a huge transition for mothers; a time for healing and recovery however you birthed your baby.
Here are 12 ways in which you can support your baby, or be supported as a new mother during this time. For more details check my Facebook page as insta has kept this shorter! 
1.  GET A SLING – I can’t emphasise this one enough! 
2.  Skin to Skin Contact – It isn’t just for the first hours after birth, skin to skin contact is beneficial to humans of any age and is especially soothing during the fourth trimester.
3.  Read up on biologically normal infant sleep – Understand that it is NORMAL for your baby to fuss at being laid in a cot/moses basket/pram.
4.  Feed Baby On Demand – However you decide to feed your baby, allow them to guide you – expect them to feed little and often. 
5.  Day/Night – Accept that at least initially day and night will just be one continuous cycle of eat-sleep-poop repeat!
6.  Ask for Meals – guests want to come and see you all? Great, but don’t let them in if they’ve not brought you food!
7.  On the topic of food – prepare meals to freeze and stock the house up with healthy snacks before baby arrives.
8.  Let your partner bond with baby – sharing baths together, burping baby after a feed, changing nappies and taking baby for a walk in the pram / sling whilst you rest.
9.  Lower your expectations – accept that some days you will do nothing but keep the baby alive, that’s more than enough.
10.  Be kind to yourself with your body and recovery - It took 9 months to make this baby, expect it to take a while to get ‘back to normal’.
Continued in comments!
  • I said brrrrrrr ❄️ anyone else totally unprepared for the dip today?! .
Popped into @thenookboutique and grabbed a hat and gloves by @misspompom1 ❤️
Head into Chloe and grab a bargain whilst she’s still got stock. .
Got some beautiful Xmas bits in @natural_edge too. Such a joy to go broadway cruising KID FREE ❤️👌🏻
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  • @lizzie.do.it.like.a.mother brings us DAY 11 of the #doitlikeamother #alternativeadvent .
11 different types of sling to try
The world of slings can seem more than overwhelming to a new parent - or even an experienced one! There are so many different types and brands to choose from... As I often tell clients - this is exactly why sling libraries exist! It’s my job to know what’s out there, how it works, and what might suit you and your family’s needs best out of the bunch. Here’s are the 11 different types of sling and carrier we have available to try in the sling library...
1. Stretchy wrap
2. Close Caboo
3. Woven wrap
4. Ring sling
5. Buckle carrier
6. Toddler carrier
7. Pouch
8. Meh dai
9. Onbuhimo
10. Scootababy
11. Baby Bjorn .
And in case that wasn’t enough… We are hoping to add some brand new twin carriers very soon! 😍 .
(For a full description of each type of carrier, head to the Do It Like A  Mother Sling Library & Support Facebook page…)
All of these are available to hire from our drop-in sessions, so come along to Lunch Club, Cake Club, Hockley or Leigh Community Centre (check the Events tab on the Facebook page for details of dates, times and locations) and we can get you sorted. We're always happy to help with your own carrier too, whether it's listed above or not! I will almost certainly have come across it before... And even if I haven't, I love a challenge!
So what have you tried? What would you like to try? What's your favourite type of sling? We'd love to hear from you! 😍 
#theresaslingforthat .
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  • Swipe for Jingle Bells rendition in the hell hole that was my lounge this morning Pre 7am.
It’s official- Rory loves to sing.
Maybe I’ll send him round yours @sing_mother_tucker for some tips?! 👀😂🥰
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  • 10 hours of our hypnobirthing antenatal course... Let’s get it straight- any access you have to hypnobirthing skills is better than none. But I get a bit sad when people are left thinking they’ve had the full benefits of hypnobirthing without the way we do this.  In 10 hours with us, you and your partner will learn 🤔 how our birth culture has evolved to its current state (that’s super helpful if you wanna challenge your fear) 👀 how your perception of birth is built, and why you might wanna question those sources 🧐💪🏻the reality of the mind- body connection at work in your every day life and how you can play it to your advantage in birth 👄👂🏻how the words you speak and hear frame your experience (how to play that too) 🥰😱 the hormones of labour and how to use your environment to facilitate optimal states 💪🏻why birth doesn’t have to be pain free (and PS watch out for anyone telling you it will be) to be off the charts fantastic 👌🏻how you can use specific types of touch to increase your comfort 💨3 breathing techniques to ease the sensations and help you zen out- even if you’re not the zen type. Especially if you’re not, actually. 🧐how to use affirmations rewire your mind 😴 how to cultivate a trance like state of relaxation on demand 💪🏻how to prepare, position and use your body to minimise risk of injury and increase changes of smooth descent 👶🏼 how to encourage your baby into an optimal position for birth 🏡 🏥 considerations for your choice (and it’s ALWAYS your choice) of place of birth, and how to make hospital feel more like home ⏰ length of pregnancy & induction of labour- what’s involved, your options, the guidelines, and how to keep it empowered if you go for it 🤰🏻things you can do to optimise a Caesarean birth for you and your baby 🧐how to make solid decisions you can feel great about if things go off your chosen track. We’ve got 3, yes, 3 Birth plans for you to come up with, covering you against a sense of loss of autonomy- a significant contributing factor in birth trauma 👥throughout it all, a clear role for your birth partner, with plenty of practical steps that can take to make it actual team work  Cont... 👇
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