our antenatal courses

let us prepare you, your BIRTH partner and your baby for the best possible birth for you - informed, empowered, confident

WE WILL NOT promise you a pain free, euphoric, orgasmic, cinematic, yet entirely silent birth. We won’t tell you to rule out any other resources (euphemism alert: I’m talking DRUGS). We will leave you feeling like you probably won’t need them. Most of our clients don’t. But whatever you do is up to you. Birth can be unpredictable, and a healthy dose of good luck is part of the cocktail of anyone’s dream birth.

WE WILL provide you with the tools and support to birth like the woman you are.

To make choices you are happy with. To be treated like the boss, rather than a bewildered, vulnerable wreck needing to be rescued. To understand how your body works, how your mind gets in on the act, and how YOU CAN create the optimal conditions for a comfortable, efficient labour. To make it a team effort (don’t laugh, seriously). To stack the odds in your favour.

We’ll invite you to join an online community of local super mamas, and weekly meets to stay connected and continue to support you into motherhood- #ittakesavillage after all.

Like what you've read? you have TWO options for getting involved IN our hypnobirthing classes



Our online course includes relaxation techniques (it’s one of the foundations of hypnobirthing) but you’ll also learn about the biology of birth, how our modern day society works against that very biology and how we can turn it back around.

You’ll learn how to get the system to work in your favour, you’ll learn how to get what you need (without having to stamp your feet or cause a fuss) and you’ll learn how to get your team to be working for you and not against you.

It’s all online, so you can take the course in your own time.

the full antenatal course with the v-hive hypnobirthing


Our signature antenatal course is a 13-hour intense course covering pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.

It provides everything you need to prepare for your new role as parents, including Hypnobirthing and Birth Run Through, Choice and Intervention and Postnatal Prep, split across two sessions.

The course runs monthly with up to eight couples and is suitable from 20 weeks gestation.

pregnancy relaxation

INVESTMENT: £40 (4-sessions)

Our pregnancy relaxation sessions, run by Steph Witt, an accredited hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing teachers is the ultimate bite-sized hypnobirthing course.

Every week, she’ll take you through a wonderful relaxation and visualisation, followed by a chat about birth and anything that may be worrying you. You’ll write affirmations to help you through labour and you’ll come away feeling a whole lot lighter (and sleepier!).

SO. It all sounds very desirable (hopefully or else WE've not done our job very well).

But what does it actually involve? What do you get for your precious time and hard earned money?


  • How our attitudes towards birth have evolved through history
  • How the body works in labour – physically, and more importantly, hormonally
  • How your state of mind impacts on the process
  • The optimal environment for a comfortable birth
  • How to make choices about intervention that you can be satisfied with
  • How to prepare your mind, your body, and your baby


  • 3 simple, effective breathing techniques to support a calm and comfortable labour
  • Spine-tinglingly good massage technique for your partner to apply to increase endorphins (your home brewed pain relief)
  • Relaxation techniques to quickly access (with practice) this optimal state for labour
  • Fear release technique to allow your existing concerns to be overcome
  • Birth plan support- what choices you have, what to consider, how to communicate it


  • You’ll see some lovely births. Gorgeous ones. Some quiet, some loud. Some home, some hospital. In and out of water. Normal couples, like you, applying what they’ve learnt and rocking an empowered experience.
  • We’ll tell you some stories from our own alumni too- not all go to plan, but they share a common assertion that hypnobirthing saw them through.