Hypnobirthing CAN be crackers. We’ve evolved.

We LOVE so much about hypnobirthing– we’ve all used it, 2 of us have taught it to hundreds of families. Over that time we’ve evolved. We’ve noticed that there are some missing pieces, so we have plugged those gaps with our experience as medics, coaches, and mothers, and we’ve cut out the stuff that grates on us, knowing that it has the potential to derail our clients. Women who wanna know the truth (whole and nothing but, etc…).
We work with intelligent, powerful women (that includes you, obvs), and we are loathe to patronise them, to skirt round realities, to expect them to blindly accept the ‘your body is made for this’ rhetoric, when there are some gaping holes in that theory.

So let’s get super clear, right from the off. Yes- we will spend plenty of time filling you in on the physiological side of labour, and how to optimise the process- that’s information every woman should have. A clear understanding of the actual magic that female bodies can often perform in the right circumstances- CREATING BRAND NEW HUMANS and all that- is something that we have a right to feel inspired by as a collective. It’s magnificent, and that perspective is a secret that the patriarchy tried to bury. (More on that later).
BUT. And it is a huge BUT. We are realists. 2 of us on the team are medical professionals. Between us, we have learned a lot over a number of years about the obstacles that women face- from fertility issues, to pregnancy conditions, to difficulties in labour and way beyond.
We know (in our heads, and in our SOULS) that there is so much you can do to mitigate many of the risks and challenges, and this is what we will guide you through over the course of this book. We know that many of the seemingly unpredictable elements of our experiences may be avoided when we are well prepared.
But many issues that we face at this period are deeply rooted in life long stuff- things we might not even consider to be relevant, that could impact on us. (We touch on what those things could be when we discuss pain in labour.)
And so we will NEVER 
a) promise you a pain free, easy birth if you do as we say
b) suggest that a pain free, easy birth is superior to a high intervention birth. Yes- generally there are significant health benefits to mother and baby for one mode of delivery vs another, and we know that you can take knowing that, it’s logical and you don’t want us bullshitting you. But we can’t take that in isolation- your own individual situation will determine what’s best for YOU and YOUR baby.
ALL we care about is that you are fully informed and equipped, because we know that women who rate their experiences as negative, or traumatic have often been poorly informed, and ill-equipped. That could mean that they’re without knowledge on great positions for labour, for how to create an optimal environment, that their birth partner is not well set to support them, that they don’t know about the many, MANY pain relief options, and on and on and on… Or that they don’t feel clear about their right to choose, or how to advocate for themselves. We are going to nail all of this down.
No matter how your baby is conceived or born, we believe that this adventure of pregnancy and birth is something that you DO, not something that happens to you. When you make that shift in your perspective, you will recognise your own capacity. You are far more capable than you probably imagine of owning a brilliant birth- one that leaves you wondering, “why is no one queuing up to worship me right now- did they not notice what I just did?!”, whichever way your baby emerges.
Give the finger to a mainstream society that tells you you can’t, and an eye roll to anyone at the other end of the spectrum who spins you a fantasy, and know that your (informed and equipped) way is more than ok. Prepare to do it like a mother.
And once it’s done? We are STILL here for you. We are online for you in our client group , we are in person at our meet ups and support groups. And so are the hundreds of women we’ve already supported. Because we are not meant to do this stuff alone. Never mind a village, it takes a motherhood- your own community, brimming with wisdom and empathy, kindness and CAKE. A group of women who are being the change they want to see in the world- less mummy wars, more solidarity. Less competition and judgement, more connection. Less isolation, more strength in numbers.
Come and be a part of it.
In the Southend area, you can take a Group Hypnobirthing Antenatal Course
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