Honesty is the policy you should take notice of…

Chloe Mulholland

H O N E S T Y… wowzers gals. What a response to my instagram post about Words I Said To My Children.

People often tell me they appreciate my honesty, and to be honest with you (??) I get it. When I was a new mum, I wanted to sneak into other families homes in the middle of the night and see what their reality was like. Wanted to, but NEVER DID, just to clear that up.

I didn’t wanna see just the highlight reel. But I also didn’t wanna be told it was a constant shit show. I wanted the whole truth.

That’s what we offer you. That’s what the brand has come to be. A group of women sharing what’s worked for them, what hasn’t, what’s available, what’s helped, and using their INCREDIBLE COMBINATION OF SKILLS (I know, but it’s the truth again) to ease your way.

If you want antenatal education, postnatal or life shizzle, or help with your biz, whatever it is, we will lead with open hearts and open mouths- we have plenty to say and we love to share it.
But we know it’s for you to digest and choose what to do with it. To do it like a mother, you do it YOUR informed and empowered way.

On that, Chloe has actually done a FANTASTIC LIVESTREAM in the community group today about why you shouldn’t feel compelled to blindly conform to recommendations in your maternity care. Hearing it from a midwife is SOLID GOLD. #doitlikeamother

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