Give Thanks Like A Mother 2020

This aim of this campaign is to prompt families who’ve been cared for under Southend to give thanks to the amazing midwives who may have touched their lives. So often, we are caught up in the dreamy/ hellish/ blissful/ overwhelming/ ecstatic/ bewildering newborn haze, with all the intentions to pass on our gratitude, and don’t quite make it happen.

We all know the system isn’t perfect, resources are tight, and the people working within the service are often under immense pressure. So shouldn’t we consider it even more wonderful when someone goes out of their way to make a positive difference to our experience?

You can email yours to us here: and/or we would love for you to share them on your own social media with the hashtag #givethankslikeamother and let others know to join in.

You can also share your experiences in our Facebook Page. #doitlikeamother #givethankslikeamother

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