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You know by now that we are huge advocates of you making informed choices when it comes to birth, and that we love to have conversations about how to make the right decisions for yourself in different situations.

I’m also keen for families to enjoy exploring how they can continue make informed choices about things which can affect not only themselves, but the country and the planet.

It can be easy as an individual to forget the impact your choices can have – both negatively and positively. That there are literally millions of other people on the planet who may be thinking the same thing ‘I’m just one person’, ‘its just one straw’ or even ‘well I can’t not use a tampon can I!’.

When you consider that just one person x a million = 1million people; that just one straw x a million = 1million straws; or that actually, there ARE more options than mainstream sanitary protection, its easy to see why making even the tiniest changes can have a huge impact when it’s replicated by others. You have to BE the change, to SEE the change!

I am always talking and learning about this stuff (I mean did you know that they can make straws out of old seashells now?! I didn’t until this Saturday when I saw a poster in our local pub’s toilet announcing that that’s what they’re using now – and I need to dig deeper into this!) and we are taking steps towards improving our choices as a family all the time which means we are not perfect, and I’m actually not striving to be – because we have a life, we live in a fast paced society, and striving for the impossible is just silly!

But I am SUPER excited to be opening up our gorgeous space, the HQ, on a monthly basis to other families interested in Discovering how they can make choices which still work brilliantly for themselves, but are better for the Earth, other people, or animals. It’s going to be informal and friendly (as always!), a community of curious parents getting together in a safe space where conversation can flow, questions can be asked, and information & resources are shared. 

Everyone will have their own reason to be interested – it’s not always the wider benefits that intrigue people, although you may well be worried about Earth Overshoot Day moving earlier each year, or about the health of marine life; but perhaps you or your kids have sensitive skin and want to explore natural or organic skincare, maybe you are keen to throw less nappies away now your bin collection is fortnightly and the smell is bothering you, perhaps you’ve noticed that there is a lot of excess packaging when shopping in some places compared to others, or maybe you just want to save money rather than keep buying the same things again and again because they aren’t made to last. There is no right or wrong reason to join us!

Each session will have a focus, and I’d love you to tell me what things you are interested in covering. If it’s a topic you are familiar with and have something to offer – join us to share your wisdom. If its brand new to you and you don’t even know where to start – join us to ask your questions. A community requires people from all walks of life! Some sessions we will welcome guest speakers, others we may have a dabble at creating something ourselves (in which case there may be an extra fee for materials, or the needn’t to bring something along), but every session will be full of support and information, and served up with drinks and snacks!

I look forward to welcoming you to Discover Like A Mother on Saturday 18th August for the very first session – you can grab you space here now!

Steph x

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