co-working like a mother

wheN you're working for yourself, thinking of working for yourself or workING from home in your 9-5 job, sometimes you need space to breathe.

Our child-friendly Co-Working Like a Mother sessions are a three-hour period where you can work until your heart (or you to-do list) is content. Whether you want to get away from your home, or you want to bounce ideas off other people, we’re opening up our space for you to take what you will, with free tea, coffee and high-speed internet. All we ask for is a £3 an hour contribution towards running costs.

but what about the kids?

If you need to work when your children are around, no problem! All of our Co-Working Like a Mother sessions include childcare for your littluns’, headed up by qualified nannies and childminders. The space is split in two, with an area for the adults and an area for the children, so you can be rest assured, they’ll be looked after as you’re working away, meaning you can get much. more. done.