‘Cause I am the Champion and You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar…

Chloe shares her perspective on noise in birth (*spoiler- silence isn’t golden)
Recently I’ve heard a couple of comments from mums that have got me to thinking. There’s almost a perception that hypnobirthing mums shouldn’t make a noise when giving birth. And that if they do then they’re not doing it right, that they’re somehow losing control and letting themselves down.
Well I’m here to tell you that that is most certainly not the case.
Hypnobirthing gives us a set of tools to stop our brains interfering with the birthing process. It allows us to switch off (or at least tone down) that voice in our head that says “you should be doing this” or “you can’t do that”. It allows our physical body to do all that it needs to do to birth our babies in the best way possible for us. And (shock horror) sometimes that means making a hell of a lot of noise.
Making a loud noise is a way of releasing built up energy from our bodies. Have you ever felt so angry or upset about something that you’ve screamed into a pillow at the top of your lungs and felt a whole lot better about it? It feels good, right? Well imagine the energy that builds up in the body of a birthing woman. There’s a lot going on there and sometimes a good loud scream gets rid of some of that tension.
Making a loud noise is also a way of coping with those strong, powerful surges.  I remember thinking if I can make a noise that is more powerful than my surges then I am OK… and I did. I roared and groaned and oohed and aahed. Very loudly. Very loudly, indeed. Each time the surge reached its crescendo my voice matched it. This wasn’t through the whole of the birthing process but it was when things were really intense, just before that wonderful stage of transition.
And, hey, if the almighty Serena Williams can grunt and groan her way through a tennis match, why can’t we grunt and groan our way through giving birth?!
It’s so important to let go of any expectations when giving birth. Your body may surprise you with what it needs you to do during that precious time but if you listen to it, let it guide you and stop fighting what it is telling you, it may very well surprise you with just what you’re capable of.
Birth isn’t something to be feared, so don’t be afraid if you find yourself in my shoes by releasing decibels you didn’t even know you were capable of.
Go with the flow, let that energy out and roar your way into motherhood like the champion that you know you are!
Chloe’s hypnobirthing groups in Upminster from April to July are open for booking here. Any Qs, get in touch with her at chloe@doitlikeamother.co.uk
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