She believed she could, so people thought she was off her rocker…


Hypnobirthing. The word itself is a gift to the sceptics, the piss takers, the been there done that noise makers. Obviously it sounds a bit weird, and less obviously- it’s fairly misleading.

Without going into all the nuts and bolts of hypnosis, and why it’s nothing to freak out about, this state of being is only one part of this kind of antenatal prep.
It is used in different ways at different times. In the run up to the birth, to rewrite the mother’s (and father’s) beliefs, enabling them to enter the experience empowered with calm confidence, and for the baby to reap the rewards of this happy hormone boosting state.
And during the labour to achieve the optimal internal environment to facilitate this mammalian process, or potentially to support the mother and baby’s emotional  wellbeing through a a birth that is assisted instrumentally, or surgically.

The rest of hypnobirthing is about gaining a toolkit- how to breathe, relax, massage, move, choose the right environment, find the facts, make decisions you can live with, take it on as a team, enjoy it. For my gang it’s also about finding a community of women who will lift you up, in pregnancy and in motherhood.

Notice I haven’t mentioned pain (or lack of), or drugs (or lack of) or anything along the lines of “so that she can squat, drop and gather up her baby in smug silence with a smile on her face”.

When my clients tell people they’re hypnobirthing, the responses they get demonstrate that, whist it is certainly better known than ever, it is still commonly misunderstood, or at least recognised only in its most evangelical beginnings. There’s an assumption that this mother is expecting her birth to pan out in a certain way. That a belief in her body, and in her own mind, goes hand in hand with burying her head in the sand when it comes to the realities of childbirth.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

These women are incredibly well informed and equipped. Maybe what they’ve learnt helps them get their dream birth. Maybe it stops them having a nightmare birth. Others will possibly never understand the ways in which their mindset work impacted their feelings, and their reality. Don’t assume that her belief in herself and her capabilities is a misguided belief that she’s ordered in a particular experience, or that if she doesn’t get what she ideally wanted, that it didn’t work.

She believed she could get herself informed, so she did.
She believed she could take responsibility for herself, so she did.
She believed she could prepare her partner to support her, so she did.
She believed she could learn how to be as comfortable as possible, so she did.
She believed she could look forward to giving birth, and therefore enjoy her pregnancy more, so she did.
She believed she could focus on the incredible feat her body was performing, and feel in awe of her actual magical powers, so she did.
She believed she could give herself the best possible chance of the birth she wanted, so she did.
She believed she could accept help if it was really needed, so she did.
She believed she could look back at the birth, and know that everything went as positively as possible in her circumstances, so she did.
She believed she could do it like a mother, so she did.

If you believe, or you’d like to, come join us. You can book your hypnobirthing course or pregnancy relaxation group block here, or find out a little more about me and my approach across the wesbite.

Any Qs, you can email me at #doitlikeamother

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