Are you taking much time off? Turns out not…

I remember finding it funny when pregnant with my first that people would often ask me what I would be doing about returning to work. I just sort of assumed I would return to my old job, knowing that making it work part time was highly unlikely, and at the time not imagining we could afford for me not to go back. But it was well over a year away, and there was time to see how things went, mull it over, let motherhood sink in.

I was so lucky that when decision time came round, we could afford for me to stay home, and to pursue my plans to hypnobirth it up. My family are 3 hours away, with both my parents working full time. Baby would’ve been in nursery 60 hours a week, which I didn’t feel great about, and when I took my travel costs into account too, it made my income pretty negligible. It eventually seemed a no-brainer.

Fast forward to present day. I’ve become a Stay-At-Home-Work-From-Home-Sometimes-Work-Outside-of-Home-Sometimes-Mum.

Our circumstances have evolved again, we’ve bought a house that’s needed a lot of money spent on it, and come to rely on my income. I’ve spent over 2 years building momentum in my work that I don’t want to let go. And what’s more- I LOVE MY JOB. I absolutely love it. If I won the lottery, I really really would be one of those crackpot people still working. Except in my mansion. With superb catering.

So how long will I take off? There are so many unknowns. How things will go with feeding is a big part of it for me. Some of my clients seem to switch effortlessly between breast and bottle, for others it causes real issues. How will the baby feel about a day of separation? How can I possibly know? I am so lucky to have a husband who is definitely a better parent than me. Calmer, more capable, more patient, more fun. I know he will be super confident to take the reins and this is a huge help.

As much as I love my toddles and soon to be newborn, I know myself. I need multiple roles. I can’t be only mummy and feel satisfied. I admire those who can. Really, really do, and sometimes wish I could flip that switch. But I get something so special from my work, it’s like an addiction. Watching those journeys to empowerment, cheering these couples on from the sidelines.

So somewhere amongst considering all of this, and following my gut, I’ve decided to schedule a course for July 24th & 31st. I’ll get it up for booking on the site ASAP. To say I’m excited to have a plan is an understatement.

I have to admit I’m a little bit nervous about being judged for being back so quickly. This is motherhood, the guilt, the judgement, or imagining of. So please be kind to me. Eeeek.

And drop me an email if you fancy joining me on my return as a mama of 2. I’ll have a fresh hypnobirth tale of my own for you. If you’ll be 20-35 weeks pregnant, you’re eligible for the group.

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