Through Ami’s Eyes… what’s it like to work with us?


We are thrilled and grateful when any family chooses to include us in their adventure- it’s a total privilege to enter people’s lives at such a pivotal moment.

I especially love working with parents who have had a difficult time of birth previously- the transformation as they go, a-ha! a-ha! A- HA!! It wasn’t my fault that… xyz. I actually WAS strong and courageous and I CAN be proud of myself. It’s so evident that our perspective defines our experience, and that the one we cultivate over a lifetime is wrecked by societal bullshit.

Watching those layers peeled off is magic. Seeing women step into their power. Seeing their partners realise all the things they can do to make an impact. The relief as they conclude that it can be different.

So appreciative of Ami’s review, which you can read by clicking here. Keep an eye on her blog as she shares the remainder of her pregnancy.

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