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Pregnancy, birth and parenting will be one of the most judged areas of our lives.

It can be one of the hardest times of our lives that we will ever experience too.

As soon as there's an inkling that we might become a parent any time soon it seems to become everyone's business. Our family members, friends, the stranger in the shop and the person who lives down the road, suddenly we're fair game for comments, intrusive questions and well-meaning advice.
All the ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’ rear their heads from all angles and suddenly we find ourselves not wanting to go the supermarket in case our baby cries or our kids don’t behave in the way 'everyone' thinks they should.

Pregnancy and parenting are hard enough without this added layer of being watched and judged for our every move, at every turn.
At Do It Like A Mother you don't need to think about or worry about any of that. We’re a movement, curated and created so you can have the empowered and connected experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting that you deserve. You can be the parent-to-be or parent that you are, find the info you want and need to make the decisions that are right FOR YOU and your family, no one else.

EVERY parent matters here at Do It Like A Mother and we provide information and support in pregnancy, birth and parenting that is REAL.


This is a community of Parents that invites every parent to join, NO EXCEPTIONS.


do it like a mother history

This growing community was founded in 2013 (formerly HypnoBirthdays) by Keri Jarvis.

Chloe Mulholland joined in 2017, and in 2019, Chloe Westmore came on board.

Mindfulness was added to the roster in 2019 by Natalie Cahillane.

In early 2020, Charli Davies took the reins from Keri and shortly after Kelly Woodyatt added Pilates too.

In June 2021 Dawn McCarthy joined as our Funded Places Coordinator.

Since 2020 we’ve welcomed more FAB and LOVELY people and businesses to run classes and workshops at DILAM HQ to privide you with a wide ranging and FULL timetable.

Find out more about everyone above by tapping on their name and more about everyone else via who we work with.

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