7 Reasons this is the Most Wonderful Time of Year to be Born


Anita Jankovic

Christmas time… the season is certainly upon us, with just over a week to go and if you’re expecting a baby soon you’re probably feeling the intensity more than the rest of us.

Having a baby around Christmas can feel like an added stress we could do without, right?

Well- yes, there’s the inability to plan anything, the constant questions from family and friends and the imagined pressure to either ‘get the baby out’ before the main event or ‘hold it in’ until afterwards. None of it sounds much fun.

BUT what if that wasn’t the case? What if having a baby at this time of year was one of the most magical things?

Well, I can tell you that for many reasons, it is.  And I speak with a lot of experience- having had 29 birthdays at this time of year and about to experience the 30th one.

Here’s why I think Christmas is the best time to be born:

1) You get a lifelong conversation starter- I know it might be a bit strange but whenever the topic comes up in conversation, people have sooo many questions. They want to know if you celebrate your birthday on the actual day. They want to know if you get ‘double presents’. They want to know if you hate it or love it. I promise, it really does get that small talk train going.

2) People won’t forget it- this is one of the biggest upsides- people never, ever forget my birthday. It’s like it’s engraved in their minds forever. It’s great.

3) You get to see all of your friends and family around this time of year- with all the festive meet-ups that occur at this time of year, the likelihood is that you’ll get to see more people than you would at any other time of year. Fine, you might not be the centre of attention, like you would be at your own birthday party, but at least you get to spend the whole month celebrating.

4) You probably won’t have to work on your birthday… ever- that is, unless, you choose to be a midwife/ nurse/ doctor/ police officer- you get the gist. If your birthday falls on Christmas Day itself statistically speaking, you’ll probably always have your birthday off- until you become a parent of course and then… well, you all know what happens then.

5) Everyone is festive! I mean, I know everyone is cheerful and happy because it’s Christmas but there’s a tiny part of me that pretends it’s all because it’s my birthday too!

6) You might get into the papers- yup- some local papers like to do a little piece on the first baby born on Christmas Day. I can totally see why this might not be top of the to-do list when you’ve had a baby but it’s certainly a nice memento to have growing up. 

7) The magic is doubled- do you remember being a kid and getting that feeling of utter excitement around Christmas? Well imagine that feeling but doubled! It’s really is magical.

That’s my top 7 but I’m sure I could think of more if I tried. I love this time of year, I love having my birthday at this time and I love that my husband’s birthday is just two days before mine too. It’s wonderful. So, if you are expecting a baby- I wish you the most amazing birth and I promise your baby will grow up having just that little bit more magic in his/ her life as a result.


Merry Christmas!


Chloe x

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