5 Simple Ways to Help Save the Planet (and Benefit Yourself) on Mother Earth Day

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Today is Easter Sunday, however it’s also Mother Earth Day. A day to celebrate our planet and it all does for us, whilst also raising awareness of the harm we are doing to it.

To do my part, I thought I’d share with you a few recent changes that we’ve incorporated into our lives. I’ve loved each one and actually found that they have benefitted us as well as the planet. So, why not give some of them a go yourself?

  1. Bought a Secondhand Compost Bin

We bought ours for a fiver from good old Facebook Market Place and it has made such a big impact. We’ve managed to halve the amount of waste we were sending to landfill. Plus we’ve even turned some of it into compost and used it in our garden. The benefit of this change in our lives means that we only have to haul the black bin bag out once a fortnight, instead of every week.

2. Let the Flowers Grow

We have some lovely borders in our garden (thanks to the previous owners- we are not exactly a green-fingered family unfortunately). However there are now some weeds coming up, rather than dig them up or cut them back, we’re leaving them to flower for the bees and other insects. Some of them are actually quite pretty really and the bees need all of the nectar they can get. Plus, the added bonus is that it sure does save my back and a heap load of time too!

3. Bought a Menstrual Cup

After years of using disposable pads, I’ve opted for a reusable cup. I’m no longer sending plastic to landfill and that can only be a good thing. The upside of the cup is the discreetness and it goes a whole lot longer before any leakages. This was a massive benefit when I was working long shifts and couldn’t always find the time for pad changes. If you don’t like the idea of a cup- then you can try cloth pads instead. 

4. Bought Birthday Presents Secondhand

Yup, our little one had her birthday back in February and a lot of the gifts we bought were secondhand- thus preventing more and more plastic needing to be produced. The benefit for us was the massive savings. My purse was certainly a lot happier spending money on the secondhand toys and books, than it would have been paying out for brand new things.

5. Started Making My Own Face Cream and Deodorant

This is probably one of my favourite changes. I absolutely love the cream I  make. It benefits the planet because I buy the ingredients in bulk, so there’s less packaging. Plus all the ingredients are natural, so there’s no artificial chemicals going into our environment. The benefit for me has been super soft and far less red skin.


If you click on the pictures they’ll take you to a relevant website, where you can find out more. None of them are advertisements, but I thought it would just be useful to share some links, in case you wanted to learn more.

These may only be small changes and I know that we have a lot more work to do. We still use our car a lot, we have a water butt sat in the garden not being used and I love sticking on the heating when it’s cold. But if we all start to make small changes, they all add up to make a big difference.

What have you changed so far this year? Head over to my IG account and share in the comments section.  Your actions could inspire others to do the same. If you’d like to find out more about actions you can take, have a look here for some inspiration. 

If you have a baby in nappies, then changing to cloth could benefit the planet immensely. Steph runs workshops on how to get started with cloth and also runs a library, so you can test run a few before buying. Why not go along to her next workshop to find out more? Click here for more details and to book on.

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