The average number of nappies used in the first year of a babies life alone!
This increases to around 5000 nappies in total when you look at a child’s entire time in nappies, obviously this figure will vary by child depending how often you change them and when they stop needing to wear nappies, but as an fair estimate its quite shocking – taking it day by day it doesn’t feel like so many!
This number could look much closer to 25-50 though depending how carefully you shopped. If you used a cloth nappy library to hire during the newborn period and established which brands / styles you liked during that time, you could cloth nappy from day one at a bargain price, then move forward with minimal experimentation needed. Even buying around 25/30 newborn sized cloth nappies would keep your waste low, but would be more costly for you – it can be worthwhile for a first baby if you’re planning to reuse for subsequent babies, but using a nappy library means you can try a variety of nappies without a large initial investment, needing to store them or sell on to replace later.
Going forward, around 25 birth to potty nappies (including some night nappies) would last most children from around 8-12 weeks until toilet use! There may be some things you need to buy by size (for example quite a lot of wraps for night time use are sized) but many nappies and wraps are birth to potty. Sized items can be sold on to fund new things, or stashed away for subsequent babies.
I means there’s always the risk that you’ll fall down the rabbit hole with me and several thousand others and feel the need to buy and try new nappies often, but if that’s the case you can still keep your costs more reasonable by having a one in one out system in place, or by being disciplined with buying only what you need rather than find pretty! Buying preloved also reduces costs and the environmental impact… some of our nappies are at least third hand now and going strong!
If you want some support getting your head around the options available (because I admit I found it a minefield when I started looking into them, and made a lot of mistakes along the way in terms of what I thought I wanted vs what I actually needed!) my next workshop is this Saturday 24th 1-2.30pm at Do It Like A Mother HQ (861 London Road, Chalkwell). It’s an opportunity to see and hear about the basics of cloth nappying, the various styles, materials, brands, getting a good fit etc. You’ll enjoy hot tea and cake as we talk, and you can take away notes because there’s a lot of info to take in 😄 the investment is £12 – less than the cost of most cloth nappies brand new, so could save you a fortune in experimenting by buying and trying!
You can book on here, or feel free to join my Facebook group Cloth Nappy Like A Mother here for ongoing support from myself and other cloth bum mums! You can also find me at Lunch Club Tuesday’s 11-1 and Cake Club Thursday’s 12.15-3.00 – our free support groups where you will find various members of the DILAM team offering support for pregnancy, motherhood, feeding, slings and cloth bums!
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