2018 and the Third Trimester are here!

Wow, I can’t quite believe it but it’s true, not only have I blinked and landed in 2018, but I’m also officially in the third and final trimester of this pregnancy. In one sense it’s felt like it’s gone on forever as we found out and announced early on, but at the same time, how the F are we on the home straight already?! I’m still feeling in disbelief at the fact that I’ll soon be a mum of two, but I’m beginning to get really excited. Planning maternity leave, starting to think ahead to what we need to get sorted or buy and most importantly – birth prep!

I did a hypnobirthing course online before having Florence, it’s what got me started here, and it helped SO much; but I’ve learned even more since and I know my birth plan needs updating and a plan B & C included. I also know that I need to make more time to focus on the two of us – maternity leave from my main job starts much earlier for me this time round so I’ll be using that time wisely (especially preschool days… did I hear ‘nap’ and ‘swim’?!)

My targets for this year include:

– Creating a new bedroom for the kids – toddlerface is in the box room currently and we want her in the bigger spare room soon so she’s happy and settled before baby arrives… time to pull our fingers out on the big clear out!! Lots of things to declutter and then to create the Rainbow Room she’s been asking for
– Journalling, I’ve found its hugely helpful but hard to build in into my morning routine when rushing out to work early with a toddler
– Yoga, both in the lead up to and after baby comes I know the benefits are massive. The time to clear my mind helps me be a better mother and increases my positivity as well as being good for my body!
– Prepping like a pro for birth – keeping active, utilising our MP3’s, regularly practicing the breathing techniques (4/7 is used loads anyway here to be fair!) and working with my midwife to make decisions I know are right for me and my baby.
– Coming back with a bang after the small one arrives. I don’t have a firm plan for what/when yet, but it’ll shape up and when I know, you’ll know! I’m so excited to be able to return to working at my own pace, around my children and with women who inspire me.
– Supporting Matt through the biggest career change he’s had, he has also decided to retrain around the time I go on maternity leave – it’s going to be a challenging but rewarding time!

2018 is going to be such a massive year here for so many reasons, and I know it’s the same for loads of you too. Those of you in or entering your third trimester too – how are you feeling? How can I help? What do you know you need to pull your finger out and do more / less of?! I’m so excited to spend the first quarter supporting all you pregnant beauties before embarking on motherhood round 2 and I’d love to hear your targets too.

If you’re wanting to feel as excited as I am about birth, join me for a private course at a time that suits you, just email me at steph@doitlikeamother.co.uk for more info, or to gain knowledge whilst connecting with other local mums head to my relaxation groups Saturday mornings 10-11 in Chalkwell.

Whichever route you take you’ll come away more empowered, informed and excited about birth and every woman deserves to feel that in the lead up to labour!

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